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hand lettered, hand painted ketubot
Original Ketubot

Custom-Print (tm) Ketubot
Custom-Print Ketubot

Ketubah made from a photograph
Photo Ketubot

A Ketubah for Under $100

Undecorated Ketubah Text

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The revival of illuminated ketubot as part of the wedding has added both beauty and meaning to modern marriage ceremonies and to Jewish homes. When a couple selects a ketubah, they are choosing a work of art which is also a very personal document and becomes a family heirloom. It helps fulfill two mitzvot, that of making the khatan and kallah rejoice, and of hiddur mitzvah, the beautification of a mitzvah. While a plain ketubah would suffice, our tradition encourages us to add to its beauty.

A Peggy Davis hand-lettered and decorated ketubah will enhance your celebration and remain as a work of art to display in your home. Her new line of Custom-Print Ketubot now bring the beauty of her commissioned work to the budget-minded.

Peggy H. Davis has been creating unique ketubot since 1980. They range in style from classic to contemporary and include a variety of techniques and materials. Custom ketubot are created on rag paper or vellum and may use watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, gold leaf or papercutting in their border designs. The text is that of your choice, in any combination of Hebrew, English, Yiddish, Russian or other languages using those alphabets. Custom-Print Ketubot are printed with digitized images of Peggy's original border designs. This printing process gives you many options in the making of your ketubah.

Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email

Hand-Painted, Hand-Lettered Original Ketubot

See below for Custom-Print Ketubot

Click on the images below to see larger images of the original ketubot below. If you'd like to commission a ketubah, call or write to discuss your ideas and preferences. For a custom ketubah, Peggy draws one or more sketches in colored pencil for your approval, while you prepare and send your choice of texts. Once approval is received, she will proceed to make your ketubah and ship it to you.

There are three resources usually found in Jewish book stores and synagogue libraries in which you can find reproductions of antique ketubot from many parts of the world. These are The Ketubah by Davidowitz, Ketubbah by Sabar and the Encyclopedia Judaica under the entry, Ketubah. Excellent on-line resources include: The Jewish National and University Library. Any ideas you have based on these or other art work, and symbols, themes and designs which are personally meaningful to you can be incorporated into a personalized design for your ketubah.

The cost of an original ketubah can vary widely, depending on the complexity and size of the final design. Peggy has also combined printed texts with hand-painted or hand-cut borders for a lower-priced original ketubah. All texts are printed with calligraphic fonts. Don't hesitate to call to talk over your ideas. Call or write Peggy at:

Gan Eydn, Adamsville Road
Colrain, MA 01340;


Viola Ketubah
A custom ketubah designed for a violinist/violist couple
Persian Ketubah
A replica of the Persian ketubah
from the customer's parents' wedding,
intended as a family heirloom
Lebanese style ketuba by Peggy H. Davis
Lebanese style Ketubah
Lattice Arch Ketubah
Watercolor custom ketubah.
Columns traditionally represent the couple's new home.
Cherubim Ketubah with papercut border
Cherubim Papercut Ketubah
Papercut circular designs combined with watercolor,
representing many aspects of the couple's life.
Circular Ketubah
Ahava Ketubah Custom ketubah combining watercolor and papercutting.
Double Ring Ketubah
Wedding rings contain the English and Hebrew texts.
Ketubah in Yemenit style with Mayim Rabim quote in border
Mayim Rabim Ketuba
Nafshi Ketubah
Nafshi Ketuba
Chuppah Art
Center piece of a larger, patchwork chuppah
using graphic elements from their ketubah.
Garden of Eden Ketubah
Garden of Eden Ketuba
Mizracha Ketubah with papercut Jerusalem image
Mizrakha Ketuba
with papercut Jerusalem image
Oval Jerusalem ketubah with papercut border
Oval Jerusalem Papercut Ketuba

Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email

The Custom-Print Ketubah

The affordable custom ketubah for the budget-minded!

The Custom-Print Ketubah collection below is a growing body of work providing ketubot at less than $400. Most of them have a basic price of $250 including personalization. Additional charges will apply for certain additional customization. The Jerusalem Ketubah, lower left, is our low-budget ketubah option.

For a Custom-Print Ketubah or a Photo Ketubah, fill out the order form and ketubah information form with payment according to the prices on the form. You will receive a proof of the text and when approved, it will be combined with the border of your choice. Don't hesitate to call with any questions about what we can do or the cost of any options.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger image of each ketubah.


Printed text on seed paper

Khupe Arch
Papercut Ketuba

Printed text on watercolor wash

Lebanese CPK Ketubah


Moon Vine Ketubah

Sephardic Torah Ketubah

A Custom-Print based on Lebanese Style Ketubah above Rise up my love and come away... Rectangular
Ani L'dodi
I am my beloved's
Book of Ruth or Sephardic Blessings border text

Sephardic Blessings or Song of Songs border text

Mountain Ketuba with rose border Mountain Ketuba with amethyst border Mountain Ketuba with desert red border
Mountain Ketuba with Jade Green borderMountain Ketuba with purple border

Mountain Ketubah
Now available in five border colors!
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Italian Trellis ketuba Italian Trellis ketuba
[ketuba] Art Nouveau Ketuba
Trellis Ketubah & New Trellis 2
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Arch of Trees Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Art Nouveau Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Gateway Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Peacock Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250

[ketuba]   [ketuba]
Chuppah Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Available in seven color choices
Hebrew only or Hebrew/English border
Matching invitations available
Base price $300
[ketuba] Klezmer Oval Ketuba Floral Oval Ketuba
Entwined Rings
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Klezmer Oval Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Floral Oval Ketubah
A Digital Fine Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
[ketuba] Persian Deer Ketuba - Royal blue Eternal Light ketuba
Persian Deer Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Available in seven colors.
Ner Tomid Ketubah
A Digital Fine Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250

Yemenite Ketubah
A Digital Fine-Art
Custom-Print Ketubah
Base price $250
Available in dark blue and burgundy colors
Horizontal or vertical layout.

Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email

Until now, your choices for ketubot were either custom-designed and hand-lettered original work, costing more than some people can afford, or printed ketubot with limited choices of text, and with names and dates filled into spaces that may not have been the right size for the words. Now, you can have the best of both: the lower cost of a printed ketubah, with the flexibility of a custom one with Hebrew type that looks as if Peggy had hand-lettered it. Choose any of our standard texts, edit one of them, or provide your own custom text. The standard size of the Custom-Print Ketubah is 17" x 22", but you may order them in a smaller size. You may also order miniature copies of your ketubah as gifts for your parents, favors for guests or invitations.

Questions? Check Peggy's Ketubah FAQ

or Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email

Jerusalem Ketubah:
Our Lowest Price Ketubah


A Ketubah for Under $100

The limited edition lithographed Jerusalem Ketubah is shown here with an Orthodox text with blank spaces to be filled in for your wedding. It is also available with no text within the border.

  • Printed ketubah only: $50 + $15 shipping.
  • We can fill in the Orthodox text with hand-lettering for a total cost of $120 + $15 shipping.
  • We can print one of our typeset standard texts of your choice within the border for $150 + $15 shipping.

Other Languages

Do you need a Russian language Ketubah? Yiddish? French? Spanish? We can do it. Any language that uses Hebrew, Roman or Cyrillic characters. You must supply the text to us. We do not provide translation services.

detail of Russian language ketuba text
detail from a Hebrew/Russian/English three language ketubah.

If you would like to order a Ketubah from Peggy Davis:

you pick one of our standard texts or supply us the text of your choice, fill out the order form together with payment. We prepare the text and send it to you electronically or by fax for approval. You may also have it faxed to the rabbi or anyone else who can proofread it. Once it is approved, we print it and ship it to you.

Something Different:
The Custom-Print Photo Ketubah

ketuba made from a photo of the wedding location sepia toned photo ketubaphoto ketuba made from photo of place special to the bride and groom photo ketuba with scene of bride and groom on a beach at sunsetphoto ketuba showing place special to the couple

Photo Ketubah Page
Photo Ketubah FAQ

Have your ketubah text printed on a fine-art reproduction of a photograph dear to your heart. We'll fit your text to the photograph and print it on our 100% cotton archival paper. The ketubot above incorporate photos of the scenes where the customers' weddings, proposals or other significant events took place. We have also printed ketubot incorporating (with the artists' permission, of course) reproductions of paintings. Prices, including one of our standard texts and personalization, begin at $400.

Please click on the images to see them enlarged.

Undecorated Ketuba Texts

We offer text-only ketubot for those who would like to decorate their own or have it done by an artist they know. We can provide one of our standard texts printed with one of Peggy's personal Hebrew fonts and in a beautifully designed English font (click for samples). It can be printed on our warm-white Arches 140# hot press rag paper in black ink, or you can send some samples of a paper you'd like to use and we can test it. Maximum paper width for printing: 17", length up to 30." Specify the shape and size of the text area and its orientation on the paper.

Peggy hand-letters ketubah texts on Arches 140# hot-press paper, an off-white rag paper with a slight texture. Hand-lettered texts can be on the full sheet of paper, which is 20 x 30.

  • Hand-lettered text: 400-800.00; send actual text for the cost for your ketubah. To estimate the final cost, multiply the number of words x 1.25 and add $50.
  • Custom-Print Ketubah, standard text: 175.00, including personalization, with English sent in body of e-mail letter.
  • Custom-Print Ketubah, custom text: 100.00 additional for text in any language that we don't already have.
  • Custom shape: 75.00 additional for non-rectangular text area shapes, as we hand-fit the words to fill the shape, both for the hand-lettered and print option.
  • Back-up copy: 20.00 You may order any additional copies of a printed text for the artist to have as a back-up.
  • A digital scanned copy of a hand-lettered ketubah text is 20.00; if needed, we will then be able to provide a printed version (Maximum width paper 17") as a back-up, if needed.

While the printed ketubah ink is fade-resistant, it is not waterproof. The artist should not plan on painting on or near the text area. For a watercolor wash in the background, the paper should be painted first and then sent to us for printing. Please consult with Peggy on such designs.

Your ketubah text can be prepared in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Yiddish, Italian, or any language using Latin, Cyrillic or Hebrew alphabets. You will receive a proof of a printed ketubah by e-mail before we print it for approval.

When ordering a printed ketubah less than 3 weeks before the wedding, check with us to see whether it is possible for us to fulfill your order. A $50 rush charge will apply.

For a hand-lettered text, the rush charge is $100.

Contact Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email

Pricing and Ordering

Custom-Print Ketubot with one of our standard texts (Hebrew, English, Russian or any two of the above), including the personalizing information (names, date, place, etc.), are priced from $180 to $300. We offer these standard texts: Orthodox, Sephardic, Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist movements and two egalitarian texts. Anniversary and interfaith texts are also available.You may view these standard texts in pdf format. If you edit one of these or compose a new text, there is a $100 fee. These fees may be waived if the changes are minor. (No additional charge for custom English texts if sent as plain text by email with all personalization included.) Custom Hebrew or Yiddish texts must be supplied typed or handwritten legibly in Hebrew characters. We do not provide translation services. For those interested in Russian texts, we presently have as our standard Russian text, a modern Conservative text used along with the traditional Aramaic text.

Rush orders: If ordering less than fifteen business days before the delivery date, we may need to add rush charges to your order. (Jewish holidays are not counted as business days.) When ordering on short notice, please call to see if it is possible to fit you into our schedule.

You are welcome to visit Peggy at her studio in Colrain. Call for an appointment. Peggy also designs one-of-a-kind invitations, which may reflect the design of your ketubah and other calligraphic work related to your wedding. She is also a member of the Wholesale Klezmer Band, which performs lively, traditional Eastern European Jewish wedding music with dance instruction.

For more information, call or write us at:

Gan Eydn, Adamsville Road
Colrain, MA 01340;


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