'Art Nouveau'
Custom-Print Ketubah

Text in Three Languages

Design and Lettering by Peggy H. Davis

This is Peggy's 'Nouveau' Custom-Print Ketubah border with text in three languages. We can typeset your ketubah text in any language that uses Hebrew, Roman or Cyrillic characters, including Yiddish, Russian, French, and Spanish. You may choose our standard Russian text, or supply us with a legible, typed copy of your foreign language text. We do not supply translation services.

Below is a detail view of the Russian text. For our standard Russian text, please fill in the blanks for names and places on our order form.

Pricing: For a three-language ketubah, we charge $100 to completely typeset a Russian text and another $100 to typeset a custom Hebrew or Yiddish text. There is no charge for an English text which sent in the body of an e-mail. If all the texts used are ones we already have, the only additional charge would be $30 for filling in a third language.

For a two-language ketubah using our texts, there is no charge for filling in two texts.

If you would like to see a more detailed view of the entire ketubah, you may download it in pdf format.

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