Peggy H. Davis Calligraphy
Art Prints, Gifts, Invitations, Ketubot

Peggy H. Davis, Calligraphic Artist
Introducing the Artist

Ketubah design by Peggy Davis
The Ketubah,
the Jewish Marriage Contract

Wedding Invitation design by Peggy Davis
Meaningful Invitations
for Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzve

Birth Announcement by Peggy Davis
Birth Announcements
And Thank You Cards

Teacher Gift Print by Peggy Davis
Gifts of Meaning

Gifts especially for teachers

Afikomen Wrappers
Judaica Watches & Desk Clocks
Collage Mezuzot
Baby Naming Certificate
Baby Amulet
Anniversary Gift Prints
"Tree of Life" Prints
"Give Her Due Credit" Prints
"One Who Teaches Another's Child" Prints & Bookbags

Sympathy Card by Peggy Davis
Note Cards and Stationery

Jerusalem Hills hand colored print by Peggy Davis
Jerusalem Hills

A hand colored
letterpress print

Torah Ark by Mark Leue with Letters designed by Peggy Davis
Synagogue Art

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