"Khupe Arch"
Papercut Ketubah
by Peggy H. Davis

"The Sounds of Joy and Gladness" from the wedding blessings surround the arch of this two-layer Custom-Print Ketubah

Floral Khupe: The printed bottom layer background is from a pressed-flower paper, with a custom text in black ink. The paper-cut top layer is cut with a knife from Canson paper. It is not laser-cut and does not have the burnt edges made by a laser.

Cloud Khupe: The design shown below has a bottom layer from hand-made paper with soft, blended colors.

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Size: 12" x 18"

$350 includes any of our standard texts including personalization
$100 charge for typesetting a custom text
No additional charge for a custom English text sent in an e-mail letter

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Khupe Arch papercut ketubah on a watercolor wash

This ketubah is shown with a two-language, Hebrew and English text. You may order it with the text(s) of your choice, in Roman, Hebrew or Cyrillic alphabets.

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