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Moon Vine Ketubah

by Peggy Davis

Moon Vine Ketubah-Scroll

This design began with pieces of silk and velvet, of different textures and patterns, and yarn. It is shown with a curved scroll shape with a lengthy verse in small letters following the curves of the cut edge. The two text options we have prepared for the border are an excerpt from the Book of Ruth: "Wherever you go, I will go...," as shown, or an acrostic of blessings taken from Sephardic ketubot. The ketubah is shown above floating on a background of silk cloth. When you have your ketubah framed, you may have your framer mount it on a background paper or cloth of your choosing.

Choice of verse, Ruth or Sephardic
Your choice of text(s)

Moon Vine-Rectangular

The vine and text is shown here accompanied by a short verse with the page in a rectangular format, shown in the second example which has a rectangular shape. You may choose the verse. This border may also be used for another purpose, such as an anniversary gift or a recognition presentation.

Custom verse, one or two languages, typeset or hand-lettered
Your choice of text(s)
Size: 17 x 22" or 3/4 size, 13 x 17"

$250 basic ketubah price including one of our standard texts, personalized.
$75 charge for a typeset custom verse
$100 charge for a hand-lettered custom verse
$100 charge for typesetting a custom text
No additional charge for a custom English text sent in an e-mail letter

Peggy Davis' Custom-Print Ketubot are giclée prints, inkjet prints with archival ink and paper. The texts are typeset in one of two Hebrew fonts based on Peggy's actual Hebrew lettering, and an English font chosen for its closeness to Italic hand-lettering and beautiful proportions. Since they are typeset, there are no preset blank spaces, and therefore no awkward gaps once your information is entered into the text. If you aren't sure how to spell a Hebrew or Yiddish name, she will complete that for you. While she offers a number of texts for her ketubot, she is also able to put a custom text that you provide into her border designs.

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