Kabbalah Prints
by Peggy H. Davis

kabbala print

Over the centuries, students of Kabbalah have created graphic diagrams to depict its concepts. The sefirot, Divine emanations, are represented twice in this print. In the center is a diagram of the world of the ten sefirot composed of the initial letters of the name of each sefirah, by Moses Cordovero, Pardes Rimmonim, 1592. The sefirot, often shown as a tree, are also represented here in the vine of flowers, each with the name of a sefirah written in full.

According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica, "The common order of the sefirot and the names most generally used for them are: 1) Keter Elyon (supreme crown) or simply Keter; 2) Khokhmah (wisdom), 3) Binah (intelligence); 4) Gedullah (greatness) or Khesed (love); 5) Gevurah (power) or Din (judgement); 6) Tiferet (beauty) or Rakhamim (compassion); 7) Netsakh (lasting endurance); 8) Hod (majesty); 9) Tsaddik (righteous one) or Yesod Olam (foundation of the world); 10) Malkhut (kingdom) or Atarah (diadem)."

In this print those represented in the diagram are Keter, Khokhmah, Binah, Khesed. Gevurah, Tiferet, Netsakh, Hod, Tsaddik, Malkhut. The sefirot in the flowers are: Keter, Khokhmah, Binah, Gedullah. Gevurah, Netsakh, Hod, Tiferet, Yesod, Malkhut.

Surrounding these designs is the seventy-two-letter name of the Holy One, consisting of three-letter syllables which originate in Exodus 14:19-21.

Matted Kabbalah print, (14" x 13.5" mat opening) $75, Framed in a gold-finished wooden frame with blue detail. $125. Shipping for up to 3 matted, $12; up to 2 framed, $18.

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